Education And Hope For Honduras, is focused on bilingual education for children from disadvantaged families who are in kindergarten through sixth grade.

In Honduras, access to education is very difficult, and when available it is extremely deficient. We believe this is the root cause the cycle of poverty persists here in Honduras.

In addition to the inadequate educational system here, the persistent poverty is further fueled by inadequate nutrition, poor hygiene and low self esteem.  These are areas we focus upon as a part of the education we offer.

Education And Hope For Honduras is a group of Hondurans who firmly believe the best way to address the problems facing our country is through education. We believe education begins at home where the children build character and values. Therefore, we work with parents as well as children. This means, as a part of educating children, we also want to educate their parents who themselves had an inadequate education and thus are transmitting it to their children. This creates a vicious circle. We are working to alter that cycle.